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The misrepresentation of Martin Luther King

Every Martin Luther King day, every street that carries his memory into the city slums, every movie that holywoodises his cause, is a celebration of victory. The victory over Martin Luther King.

Let me explain.

King did not fight for racial emancipation. He fought for the emancipation of humanity from identification with race. The black community was to him what the proletariat was to Marx: the universal emancipator, because the universality of its misery.

They invented diversity.

His revolution was not about integration, because integration assumes the conservation of the status quo. Revolution means dis-integration. MLK’s cause was about the disintegration of privilege.

They extended privilege beyond one race.

His dream was that each be judged by his/her character.

They acquiesced in the conceited black man.

Martin Luther King believed that the arch of the universe bents toward justice. Talking Hegel in the age of Einstein.

They answered: Jesus was politically correct.